Name: Daniel Masur
Nickname: Wally (as link to former Australian top player, Wally Masur)
Born: 6th November, 1994 in Bückeburg, Germany
Parents: Gerhard and Elena Masur (both Tennis coaches)
Sibling: Thomas
School: Gymnasium (German Secondary School) Kamen 2013
Hight: 182 cm
Weight: 81 kg
Hand: right
Junior: Jürgen Listing, Westfalia Tennis Federation WTV
Supplier: HEAD racquets, adidas clothing and shoes
Private Base: Munich
Home: Heeßen
Favorite Dish: Sushi
Favorite Drink: Red Currant juice and soda
What I cannot have: Brussels sprouts
Favorite music: House and Charts
Favorite Colour: red
Most impressive City
I have been to:
New York
Interests outside Tennis: Football, Basketball, Internet, Music
Favorite Team: FC Bayern Munich (member since 2002)
  I am rather a late riser


I play Tennis because…

…I simply enjoy being on the court and getting into competition every day. I am fascinated by Football as a team sport but I love the sole independence and responsibility you have to accept in Tennis. This One-On-One is what thrills me more personally. I realize every day that it is my dream to play Tennis professionally and I enjoy working for this goal.

Home to me is...

…somewhere I can relax 100% and leave the stress of the preceding weeks behind. There, I am close with family and friends. It simply feels good after travelling to tournaments or a week of practice.. That’s why I look forward to coming home, even after thrilling journeys to far away countries.

I like...

…open and friendly people. One should never loose one’s humor and never forget about friends. And I like people who are reliable and trustworthy.

I don’t like...

…the opposite of the aforementioned, really. Also, I don’t like if my counterpart does not confirm standpoints with arguments and just sticks to an opinion out of principle.

I think I am best at…

…organizing my time. Many people often ask me how I manage Tennis and school…I think I am very good at organizing my day-to-day schedule and working through it thoroughly, no matter whether it is school or Tennis.

I am bad at...

…seeing my FC Bayern loose! I hate losing anyway, however, in Tennis I can give my best and fairly congratulate my opponent after the match (although this doesn’t come easy all the time either…). I myself am responsible for my performance and cannot look at others for excuses. It‘s different with Football, as I am just a spectator then and cannot join in.

Really relaxing to me is…

…being at home with family, of course. Also, spending an evening with friends playing video games is fun, too. Simply being in good company, chatting and having a good laugh – great.

If I could choose somebody to spend a day with this would be...

…probably Roger Federer. He is one of the best Tennis players of all time, is well-known everywhere and well respected. He has not afforded anything scandalous ever and, in my view, is a perfect sportsman. No matter where, when or in what situation he appears, he always presents himself perfectly. He represents Tennis better than anybody else, always friendly, never arrogant. I would like to accompany him for a day and to see what it’s like.

If I was an animal I would probably be...

…a tiger because it combines in an impressive way power, speed, elegance, care and killer instinct.

My role model in sports is...

…Novak Djokovic. He impresses me because I can identify with his way of playing. I like how he shows his emotions but remains in control almost every time. Especially in tight situations under pressure he performs his best Tennis. Also, I like his sportsmanship and always fair behavior vis-à-vis his opponents – especially when he lost bitterly. His contribution to the Davis Cup victory of his country was unbelievable. For him playing Davis Cup still is an honor. I like that. He may polarize with his extroverted behavior, but I think Tennis simply needs such characters.